Power Dragon New Spider Fliter Cartridges Rotary Tattoo Machine Germany Faulhaber Motor Tattoo Gun Free Cord Cartridge Grip in Tattoo Guns from Beauty Health

Power Dragon New Spider Fliter Cartridges Rotary Tattoo Machine Germany Faulhaber Motor Tattoo Gun Free Cord Cartridge Grip in Tattoo Guns from Beauty Health
Power Dragon New Spider Fliter Cartridges Rotary Tattoo Machine Germany Faulhaber Motor Tattoo Gun Free Cord Cartridge Grip in Tattoo Guns from Beauty Health
Power Dragon New Spider Fliter Cartridges Rotary Tattoo Machine Germany Faulhaber Motor Tattoo Gun Free Cord Cartridge Grip in Tattoo Guns from Beauty Health
Power Dragon New Spider Fliter Cartridges Rotary Tattoo Machine Germany Faulhaber Motor Tattoo Gun Free Cord Cartridge Grip in Tattoo Guns from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Type: Tattoo Gun

Material: Alloy

Model Number: RTM-042

Brand Name: Power Dragon

Gun Type: Electric

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Motor :Faulhaber Motor
Color:5 colors
Material:Plastic Steel
Operating Voltage: 9V,dont over 11V
Package include:
1 * Rotary Tattoo Machine
2 * cartridge Grips(25mm and 30mm)
4 * Plungers
1 *DC Cord
1 * Box
* Rotary motor, steady body and smooth vibration.
* Strong motor and virtually silent when operating.
* Light weight tattoo machine can be used as a liner or shader.
* No overheat after working long time.
* Beautiful green light while working.




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