European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden

European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden
European Style Music Drum Wall Stickers Modern Fashion Wall Sticker For Boys Bedroom Decals removable mural in Wall Stickers from Home Garden

Product Specification

Specification: Single-piece Package

Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker

Style: Modern

Classification: For Refrigerator

Classification: For Tile

Classification: For Wall

Classification: Furniture Stickers

Classification: Window Stickers

Scenarios: WALL

Theme: Pattern

Model Number: B353

Material: Plastic

Type: Sticker Mural/Wall Decor

Material: Vinyl Sticker

Suitable Use: Wall Decor/Room Decor /Kids Room Decor/Wedding Decoration/Party Decor

Suitable Place: Bedroom/Living Room/Kids Room/Classroom/Office/ Nursery School

Quality: Waterproof and Removable

Features: Self-adhesive

Where to apply: Smooth Wall Glass Metal Wood Etc

Technique: Hollowed out paper-cut


Welcome To Our Store!   

     We're the professional producer of Vinyl Cutting decal sticker .

     The quality of our vinyl material is one of the best in China.

The bottomless paper and transparent produte is easy for us to use and looks more beautiful!

We're able to provide kinds of fashion design and personalized products in different colors according to the request of our customers!


Product Features:

     We support Dropshipping, wholesale products, we can give you the best price, high quality products.

1.  Quality: Indoor 4-7 years, Outdoor 3-5 years without color fading or falling off; No background shadow; without white edge;

2.  Material: Environmental; Removable; Waterproof; Pure Color;

3.  Decoration: Bedroom, Living Room, Guest Room, Bathroom, Kitchen Room, Office, Kids Room nursery, Dorm, Store, and so on.

4.  Place: Suitable for any Flat Surface such as Furniture Glasses Floors Walls Mirrors Cars Baots Bikes Wood Plastic Metal.

5.  Package: Usually includes Vinyl Decal, Instructions in English, Demo Sample.

6.  Color : Please refer to the color card below. If you can't find the color button above, please leave a note in the order or send us a message. Colors may be shown a little different from materials due to display setting of computers.

7.  Size :You can choose finished sizes via the buttons above. Pictures are provided for reference only.If you want other finished sizes, please contact us before ordered.The layout size is usually different from finished effect size. You'll receive our layout product which is always tight. We'll provide application instructions to help you make the product as effect picture. It's simple.

8.   If you want customized products, please send messages to us for details and quotation.


Use reference:

1. Make sure that the surface to be attached is a smooth surface, and that there are convexities, concaves, and wrinkles. Do not stick.

2. Select the location of the paste, clean the surface of the floating dust and grease, to ensure that the surface is dry and clean.

3. Do simple planning according to the order of pasting, of course, you can also Do It Yourself according to your own creativity.

4. Gently Peel the transparent film from the back of the product, When pasting, stick the middle and then flatten it to the left and right,then slowly tear off the surface of the transparent film. Beautiful.


    Q: Can the stickers be removed?
    A: Yes, the stickers can be easily removed by peeling them away slowly. If applied to a vehicle you may have to apply heat to assist (hair dryer).

    Q: Can we make the sticker a different size?
    A: Please contact us with the dimensions. We will provide a quote if we can meet your requirements.

    Q: Can we customize the color I need?

    A : Yes, Please tell us. we have many colors, but we do not put all colors in the selected position. We can provide all colors that other sellers can provide.

    Q:Can we customize some stickers I need?

    A:Yes, Please contact us and tell us what you need,We will provide a quote if we can meet your requirements.

    Q:I find your stickers are different from other Sellers. What's the difference?

    A:Yes, our stickers adopt the latest Chinese sticker technology to ensure that the stickers are pure in color, transparent and beautiful in appearance. Our stickers are very convenient to use and not easy to be damaged during transportation.

    Q:Can we sell your goods?

    A:Yes ,We support Drop Shipping ,Please contact us, we can recommend the best logistics to your country. We also support wholesale sales.We will provide you with the best products the best price and the best service!

Shipping Terms

1. If you choose shipping method: Yanwen Economic Air Mail or China post ordinary small package plus, it can not provide tracking information abroad, please don't worry, it will be a success get to your country and its packet loss rate is very low. In these orders, we do not accept any dispute not tracking number.

2. If you want to track the information of the project in real time and you urgently need the product, please choose ePacket, China Post Air Mail, aliexpress Standard Premium ship Special Line-YW or other rope such as DHL, EMS, UPS etc.

3. If they deal with our shipping time, please do not open debate easily, their understanding is greatly appreciated.

4. We should love to help them solve any problem, please contact us before giving us negative feedback.

5. We offer dropshipping and wholesale, hesitating not to contact us, we would like a long-term business relationship with them.

6. Their approval is our motion. Thanks so much for their support.

Refund & Returns & Resend

1. If there are any problems with our product,you can request returning or refunding within 7days after receiving the items.Please contact with our customer service first before returning or opening dispute to against us.

2. All items must be returned in their original conditions,or we will refuse to make a refund.The buyer is responsible for all charges occurred in returning process.

3 .If you receive damaged or wrong goods,pls send us package and product photo to us immediately, then we will resend or refund to you.



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