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The Essential Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen

жанры: rock, singer-songwriter

Тексты песен из этого альбома:

  1. 1.Born to Run★★★★★
  2. 2.Thunder Road★★★
  3. 3.The River★★★
  4. 4.Hungry Heart★★★
  5. 5.Atlantic City★★
  6. 6.Dancing in the Dark★★★★
  7. 7.Born in the U.S.A.★★★★
  8. 8.Glory Days★★★
  9. 9.Brilliant Disguise
  10. 10.Human Touch
  11. 11.Streets of Philadelphia★★★★
  12. 12.Blinded by the Light
  13. 13.For You
  14. 14.Spirit in the Night
  15. 15.4th of July, Asbury Park
  16. 16.Rosalita
  17. 17.Darkness on the Edge of Town
  18. 18.The Promised Land
  19. 19.Nebraska
  20. 20.Tunnel of Love
  21. 21.Living Proof
  22. 22.Lucky Town
  23. 23.The Ghost of Tom Joad
  24. 24.The Rising
  25. 25.Mary's Place
  26. 26.Lonesome Day
  27. 27.American Skin
  28. 28.Land of Hope and Dreams
  29. 29.From Small Things
  30. 30.The Big Payback
  31. 31.Held Up Without A Gun
  32. 32.Trapped
  33. 33.None But The Brave
  34. 34.Missing
  35. 35.Lift Me Up
  36. 36.Viva Las Vegas
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