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      Get The Money And Dip (feat. Busta Rhymes )



      жанры: thrash metal, hardcore, hip-hop, rap, punk, metal
      рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 691 просмотр
      Uh, yeah
      Uh, uh
      Uh, uh yeah
      No doubt, uh
      Ladies and gentlemen
      It's the world premiere of the world's greatest
      LBS, Rampage the Last [bad word] 
      One time, uh
      When I watch Batman, my favorite man was the Joker
      Now I'm runnin kids out the game just like poker
       [bad word] all you niggas that's commin mediocre
      I could rock around a yo-yo, plus smoke ya
      And make ya catch a seisure
      Now this [bad word] ain't I'm from the milk on Magnesia
      You caught a heart attack, ya name is Mike Weever
      You die, what? From the two degree fever
      Me and my mans, lay it back, smokin cheeba
      Straight funk flat, plus I'mma make you a believer
      Ya dead on ice, that means you stoned to the freezer
      They wanna bury you next to that girl
      It's the heavyweight, yo I'm out to bring ruck
      Watch you get bucked, pressin ya luck
      Your times up, now who's the sub zero
      Lockin [bad word] down like Robert DeNiro
      It's the Boy Scout, your superhero
      What's the info, yes yes I'm a nympho, [bad word] ya demo
      Ya limo, and ya bimbo, from here to the Projects
      I get nuff respect
      I got a fan base, so I roll correct
      Me and Scratch, do it since possin nuff threats
      We knockin brothers off the fields like the Mets
      [Chorus x4.25: Busta Rhymes]
      Come in, come in the trip
      Makin moves and slip
      Get the money & drop
      Get my fifth on my hip
      Yo I'm from the mans of the flaps
      Where niggas pack gats under their dreads
      Still on the corner hustlin crack
      I used to boost to Macy's
      On Saturday, I used to be at Lacie's
      Back then, I thought a [bad word] couldn't phase me
      My mom duke, said to Boy Scout was crazy
      I'm 19, I got a baby on the way
      Guilt the way I'm going on
      I'm hittin brothers every day
      From here to Fort Greene, me and my cousin Kareem
      I got a scheme, [bad word] a hope and a dream
      I gotta get this cream, roll up with the gangsta lean
      Real niggas in the hood, know what I mean
      I pack heat, hundred dollar Nike's on my feet
      I'm livin like, I'm just another hungry brother in the street
      That gotta eat
      [Chorus x4.25]
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      Это интересно: In 1992, Rampage landed his first recording deal with Dallas Austin on Rowdy / Arista Records and released the single Beware of the Rampsack. In 1994, he recorded Flava in Ya Ear (Remix) with Craig Mack, Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool J, and Busta Rhymes. In 1996, he recorded the Platinum Single "Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check" with Busta Rhymes for the platinum album The Coming.One year later he landed his second recording deal with Elektra Records and released his Gold solo LP Scout's Honor… by Way of Blood which featured the top-40 hit "Take It to the Streets" and "Wild for the Night". In 1998 he released The Imperial with the Flipmode... подробнее
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