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You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison (BBC RADIO 1 _THE


My Chemical Romance

жанры: rock, emo, alternative, punk rock, alternative rock
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 697 просмотров
In the middle of a gun fight...
In the center of a restaurant...
They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"
Well, they're never gonna get me,
Like a bullet through a flock of doves...
To wage this war against your faith in me,
Your life...will never be the same.
On your mother's eyes, say a prayer...say a prayer!

Now, but I can't
And I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us,
Well, I can't...well, I can!
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish,
I'll kiss your lips again.

They all cheat at cards and the checkers are lost,
My cellmate's a killer, they make me do push-ups (in drag)
But nobody cares if you're losing yourself...am I losing myself?!
Well, I miss my mom,
Will they give me the chair,
Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare;
Ah, nobody knows...all the trouble I've seen!


To your room...
What they ask of you
Will make you want to say, "So long..."
Well, I don't remember,
Why remember...YOU?!

Do you have the keys to the hotel?!
'Cause I'm gonna string this [bad word] on fire! (FIRE!!)

Life is but a dream for the dead,
And well I, I won't go down by myself,
But I'll go down with my friends.
Now now now now... (I can't explain)
Now now now... (I can't complain)
Now now, yeah!
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Это интересно: My Chemical Romance – американская рок-группа, основанная в 2001 году в Джерси-Сити, штат Нью-Джерси. В ее состав входят: Джерард Уэй (вокал), Майки Уэй (бас-гитара), Фрэнк Айеро (гитара, бэк-вокал), Рэй Торо (гитара, бэк-вокал).Группа была основана Джерардом Уэем и барабанщиком Мэттом Пелиссьером, которые подружились в старших классах школы. Первой песней, которую они написали была «Skylines and Turnstiles»... подробнее
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